After taking MEDINOR™

If you have any concerns about taking this medicine, speak to a healthcare professional as they would be able to provide more information about MEDINOR™

What should you do after taking MEDINOR™ Morning After Pill?

You should use a barrier method of contraception until your next menstrual period. You should have a pregnancy test if your menstrual period is delayed by more than 5 days. You should consult your doctor or clinic in case of any question about exposure to an infection. You should consult your doctor or clinic to arrange a regular method of contraception that is suitable for you.

When will a menstrual period occur after using MEDINOR™ Morning After Pill?

 It will usually occur at the expected date, although in some women, it can occur either earlier or later by a few days. If it is delayed more than 5 days after the expected time, you should do a pregnancy test in order to check if you are pregnant. 

If your period is late by more than 5 days, perform a pregnancy test.

Emergency contraceptive pills are not 100 % effective and a failure is always possible. Also remember that if you don't know the health status of your partner, and if sexual intercourse has occurred without a condom, you may have been exposed to an STD such as HIV/AIDS. If you have any concerns or questions in this regard, it is advisable that you speak to a healthcare professional for the necessary tests. 

What should you do in the case of an abnormal menstrual period after using MEDINOR™ Morning After Pill?

Menstrual bleeding after using the morning after pill is comparable to your usual periods. However it can come earlier or later than expected by a few days. The quantity can be slightly modified. If you have any doubt about whether your period is normal, you should perform a pregnancy test. It is not known if emergency contraception can prevent an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy which develops outside of the womb). One of the main symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy is vaginal bleeding (more or less similar to menstrual bleeding). Do not hesitate to call your doctor or your healthcare professional if you have any questions.

Will MEDINOR™ Morning After Pill act as an efficient contraceptive method until the next menstrual period?

No. It is therefore strongly recommended that you use a barrier contraceptive method (condom, spermicide, cervical cap, diaphragm) during sexual intercourse until the next menstrual period. Thereafter, you should use a regular contraceptive method that is suitable for you.

Medinor™ Each tablet contains: 1,5 mg Levonorgestrel. Reg. No.: 44/21.8.2/0810
For full prescribing information, refer to the package insert approved by the Medicines Regulatory Authority.

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