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Can you use emergency contraception as a regular method of contraception?

Emergency contraceptive pills are for emergency use only and should not replace regular contraception as they are not as effective as regular birth control methods and have more side-effects than regular contraception. If you are having sexual intercourse on a regular basis, it is advisable that you speak to a healthcare professional about the most suitable contraceptive method for you.

Does emergency contraception protect against STDs including HIV/AIDS?

NO. The use of emergency contraception does not offer protection against STDs and therefore precautions need to be taken to prevent them. Condoms offer the most effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and should be used every time you have sex. If you think that you might have an STD, it is advisable to speak to your healthcare professional to arrange the necessary tests.

Will emergency contraception affect your fertility?

There is no evidence that emergency contraception has any effect on a woman’s future ability to become pregnant. However, it is not advisable to use emergency contraception repeatedly, as it is intended to be used in emergency situations only and not as a regular method of contraception.

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